How To Prevent Birth Control Essay

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Life does not always succumb to the needs of one’s desires especially growing up as a teen. Being told what to do and what not to do constantly creates the rebellious attitude many gain, which in turn leads to trying things in unknown territories. One thing leads to another and that teen wakes up, forced to face the responsibilities of an adult due to a mistake they wish they had not made. Contraception is the deliberate use of techniques to avoid pregnancy and ultimately prevent mistakes that are often made. Condoms, birth control, and other methods of contraception determine the fate of many, yet is hard to obtain. Prescriptions, embarrassment, and affordability of contraceptives are what cause its supply to be so rarely used. The opportunities …show more content…
Those who happen to experiment with sexual activity do not even realize the dangers and outcomes of a pregnancy that could be prevented. Schools enforce the idea of abstinence but do not physically advertise contraceptives if a teenager were to need one. The lack of the availability of birth control is harmful to teens wanting to be successful avoiding pregnancy, but cannot obtain due to the affordability or prescription of contraceptives, therefore a new law must be passed for birth control should be available everywhere to anyone without a prescription and at a free or affordable price. Teens work and study vigorously for years to get an education to become successful in the future, but some may panic from lack of birth control when a mistake has been made. Health and education are very important aspects to the success and growth of teens although health isn’t fully achieved, “Young people have a right to health and education. But because these rights are not fulfilled, their chances of studying and qualifying for professions of their choice/ability are affected by unexpected and unwanted pregnancies” (Weswala). This being said, health is indeed not copiously satisfied, as it should for the lack of birth control. The availability

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