The Importance Of Team Work In Schools

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Continuing professional development (CPD) is an ongoing process and ensures that one continues to be competent, innovative and effective in the profession and has an updated knowledge and skills. Especially with the legislation changes, it is important that the staff remains updated so that the pupils are supported in the best possible way.
The importance of CPD at schools can be recognised from the fact that it is a major factor that determines the outcome of the students. In a school setting, CPD ensures that children have the best learning experience and achieve their maximum potential and involves enriching the staff skills based on their needs and the needs of children.
Regular supervision and one to one discussion with the class teacher
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It also enhances confidence and motivation and helps them to demonstrate professionalism in the workplace. CPD serves to benefit the professionals and the children equally and hence all the staff should strive towards CPD to ensure a promising future for themselves and the children.
3.1. Describe why team-work is important in schools.
An old saying "Two heads are better than one" underpins the significance of teamwork. Teamwork creates synergy and is a glue that keeps the team together and an oil that keeps the team working. In the context of schools, it is essential as it helps to achieve the best outcomes for the staff and the students. The benefits of teamwork include:
i. Builds trust and strengthens relationships: In a team, people rely on each other and this builds trust and fosters strong relationships with the teammates. Trusting each other reduces the insecurity and helps people to appreciate and believe in the distinct abilities of each other. It enables mutual support and develops a sense of belonging, which contribute greatly to the job satisfaction. A cohesive group in a school would work towards the welfare of children

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