The Importance Of Competence : My Friend Essay

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Competence: My friend says that I have the ability to demonstrate both of the elements of competence. Appropriateness has been demonstrated while holding the position of Fleet Manager, while knowing the procedures or rules to follow to accomplish the proper outcome of getting work accomplished. There were expectations and guidelines needed to be adhered to even though some of the scheduling would not be the norm, by process of using my ability of effectiveness I was able to succeed. The ability that I demonstrated with effectiveness and be established as a high competent person relied on the cooperation of other staff members. Emotional Intelligence: The ability to demonstrate emotional intelligence has been apparent in working with scheduling the tasks needed to be performed. This was shown as what needed to be addressed immediately and what may wait until another appointment has been scheduled and what the consequences may occur in waiting. By displaying my knowledge of the item and explaining the belief it gives me decision merit. When this happened I had the emotional intelligence to control my outer emotions as to not intimidate conversation partner. Interpersonal effectiveness: I have always had the effectiveness to watch body language of the person I am communicating with. When times become difficult in scheduling I was able to work with those needed to achieve the end result. As people are uncomfortable within a conversation, I will help them work through the…

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