Personal Narrative: An Important Word In My Life

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College. What an important word. A word that so many people say. A word I have heard so many times. A word that I have always known will be a part of my future. A perpetual goal of mine. Now, I’m thrilled to be getting a chance to start earlier than I had imagined.
I have excellent attendance at school. I have never missed the day of a test, never turned in late homework, and I make sure to get all of my homework done even if I am sick. I put a deep emphasis on school. I realize the importance of exceptional grades, but not only that. I feel that the knowledge I am learning now will help guide me through the rest of my life. I may not remember the Law of Sines, or who won the Trojan War ten years from now, but I will have learned important
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I have a 4.0 cumulative grade point average; but I wouldn’t say that is of utmost significance. I deem that the enthusiasm and effort I put into my work says the most. I love to work through problems, which is why math is my favorite subject. I am in Trigonometry, which is two years advanced for my grade level. Going into my exams last trimester, I had an A- in Trigonometry. The thought of this terrified me. I have never been so close to ruining my perfect grade point average before. I studied for many hours, asked many questions, and re-did many assignments for practice. Anxiously, I awaited my grade all week. When I was told the grades were finally in, I ran down the hallway and opened my computer. Logging on, my fingers trembled as I awaited my fate. As soon as I looked at the screen, the letter “A” flashed before my eyes. I was ecstatic. This was the best moment of my high school academic career thus far. All of my hard work and determination paid off and it felt so …show more content…
Currently, we are building a new house in Nunica. It’s a very exciting process and the finishing product will be very rewarding. A project that I am proud of has been ongoing for the past few months; losing weight. Over the summer I allowed myself to gain a lot of weight. My attention was called to this, and I knew I needed to make a change. I worked very hard to exercise daily, eat well, and do only the things that make me happy. The result: twenty pounds lost. Gone. That is equivalent to an automobile tire! It was incredible to see what I could do when I put my mind to it. It’s exciting to me what obstacles people are able to

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