The Importance Of Civil And Environmental Engineering Course

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Before entering this course, I was quite unsure as to what concentration of undergraduate studies to focus on. Specifically, it was to either choose between civil and environmental engineering major of studies. I was at a crossroads. Yet, I wanted to evaluate the career path more in depth to make a decision that will correlate to my values and lifestyle objectives. I began to experience some anxiety about the major courses and confusion as to which career provided the most appealing outlook after graduation. Florida State University issued notifications about graduation check and advisors informing about how much closer I must decide because I was drawing near my completion of prerequisites for the engineering program. Thus,
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I enjoy examining methods on how to make decision on my career choice. I comprehend the significance of time management and engagement in university and community networks. As well as, I am educated that my concluded career choice is proved to be the right fit for me. This career path is always confronting the challenges of the future in regards to advancing civilization (“Civil Engineering Overview” 2014). Civil engineering is about development, improvement and community services (“Civil Engineering Overview” 2014). Civil engineers usually work indoors in offices yet there are instances where they would spend some time outdoors at constructions sites or power plant sites (National Center for O*NET Development). An emerging trend of women, minorities and foreign-born individuals are diversifying this profession (Vlachos). This career attracts a wide range of people because it offers a venue to express artistic and scientific talents (Ucol-Ganiron 720). An initial role held would be entry level, then project manager to lastly becoming a senior engineer ( As a civil engineer, one may engage in affiliations to increase their social capital, enhance their knowledge and expand their expertise. “From the pyramids of Egypt to the international space station, civil engineers have always faced the challenges of the future… and building our quality of life” ("Civil Engineering Overview” …show more content…
I enrolled into a career development course to better educate myself on the career options. In addition, I am currently attaining a collective network of peers and professionals who are currently in my career field to interview and examine their testimonials.
The four educational and professional alternatives I have taken into consideration are (in order of priority) civil engineering, robot technician, and astronomer and lastly, architect. After in-depth exploration and with the skills acquired from this course it allowed me to do a process of elimination to my primary choice.

The execution phase in where one would apply the choice in a decision making process. On the subject of this, for civil engineering I will survey the following steps:
1. Acquire an internship that relates to my desired career field and grow my network of professionals during this step.
a. The time frame for this step is two to three months as a short-term goal.
2. Take the Fundamentals of Engineering (FE)

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