Personal Narrative: All I Want For Christmas

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“All I Want for Christmas” plays on the radio while you drive through the neighborhood seeing bright lights outlining the roofs of houses and decorations scattered about the yards. This is a typical scene during the Christmas holiday, which begins the day after Thanksgiving and ends well into the new year. It is considered the most wonderful time of the year – a time filled with decorating houses inside and out, rushing around for the “perfect” gifts, attending parties, spending time with your family, and celebrating the birth of Jesus (at least for those who are religious). The importance of this holiday differs from family to family. For my family, spending time with the family and appreciating what you have is the most important part of …show more content…
After all the cleaning, we would get dressed (meaning we had to look very presentable) and ready to head over to grandpa’s house. Once we got there, we would hang out with my grandpa, aunt, and cousins until food was ready. Then we would sit around the table and eat together. My cousins, siblings, and I would always rush through our meal because we were excited (and impatient) to finish and get to the opening of presents. Our rushed tactics never worked because it was the adults who controlled the timing of events and they made sure to take their time. Once they finally finished eating and cleaning up, the fun part for my young child mind was about to begin. My grandpa would always act like Santa as he handed out the gifts he had for us and we gave him the gifts from us. After he finished passing out the gifts, he would count down and let the opening of the gifts commence. There would be wrapping paper thrown about all over the place and cries of awe and excitement filled the air. It was wonderfully amazing to live that moment, but like all good things, it had to come to an end. Since the gifts were now opened and a mess had been made, we had to clean up again. After this was done, we had to leave to head over to grandma’s house for the rest of the evening. So off we went to spend time with my dad’s side of the family. Once we arrive, it is time to eat. It is time to have the best food of the year, tamales. My grandma makes amazing tamales, and this was a meal that was not rushed by anyone. Everyone took their time to enjoy the fulfilling food and enjoy conversation with each other. Once our bellies were full, we sat around the living room watching tv and conversing until the adults agreed it was time for gifts. Again, my young child mind became full of excitement to live though this moment again. A Santa fill in is chosen, normally my uncle, and the gifts are distributed. Once all the

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