The Importance Of Choosing And Volunteering For Education

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a. For my next three quarters I plan on continuing my science, writing, and other GE courses into my schedule. It is a goal of mine to include at least one class each quarter that interests me, whether it is required or not for my degree. I continue to work as a swim instructor and an equipment room attendant to pay for my education for the following year. I am currently a member of HMP3, EducationCorps, CNS, and BSSA organizations. My plan is to continue being an active member of all of these organizations. I hope to plan my schedule so I can commit more time to volunteering for EducationCorps. I really value the importance of community outreach to students and helping them achieve their goals.
a. The topics “Choosing & Committing to a Major”
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Although everyone told me the importance of going to office hours, after sitting in lectures I am very intimated talking to professors outside of class. It was a misconception of mine that professors are not easy to talk to and there is a lot of intimation involved, especially with a student not understanding material. However, I was proved wrong. I decided to go to one of my professor’s office hours and I saw the true benefit and potential that professors have to offer. Professors are people just like me and are here to help me learn the material and be able to apply it in the real world. Through this class and experiences I have encountered thus far, I am being to realize the great potential as well as opportunities that university life has to offer. There are many unknown as well as known resources, activities, events, and people to meet that can all be found on one college campus. However, I also see the many connections that UCSD has with other universities and the many possibilities available for jobs, experiences, and learning. My new perspectives on university life, including cultural awareness and exploration will strengthen my diversity as a person and hopefully have a positive influence on my relationships with other members of the community.
a. I hope that the skills I learn both inside and outside of the classroom will influence how I respond to situations within my community. I hope that this knowledge will transform into a practical purpose that will lead to better decision making skills and an overall more positive influence on other individuals. Hopefully, my reactions and decisions in situations will have a more positive impact on society at both the micro and macro

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