The Importance Of Chemistry Experiments

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a. 5 qualitative observations: milk tea tastes sweet, the room is warm, the moon cake is square-shaped, my shoes are green, the cookies smell delicious
b. 5 quantitative observations: six books on the table, a dozen of chips on a table, 2 people in the room, the candy costs &2.5, room temperature is 68°F
2. Photosynthesis, car rusts, digestion, detergents, combustion, cooking, baking, respiration, forming water, pesticides
a. I always cry when I cut onions so I want to find a solution for it. I researched online and found some ways such as wash the knife before cutting onion, wear goggles, or cut onions under running water. I tried all these methods to test which one will work best and the results is to wear goggles will prevent fumes
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Chemicals are the chemical substances that can combine together to form a new substance. Each chemical has its own characteristic and structure.
b. Chemists do experiments, researches about chemical substances/chemical compounds, and study about their structures and compositions. In lab, they also analyze, test, and design new substances/medicines that can improve people’s lives.
8. David and Sue were sick without knowing any reason. David read somewhere that lead poisoning can be mistaken with porphyria (doctor predicted they have it). They observes, experiment their symptom and it does match with lead poisoning. Then they again repeat the scientific method to find out the sources of lead poisoning is in blood level. Again they found out their dishes contains lead. They did experiments and the result shows that using pottery dishes contaminates their food and drink. By combining theory and scientific method, David and Sue recovered from lead positing now.
9. Natural law is a summary of observed behavior, whereas a theory is an explanation of behavior
10. The ability to solve problems is important because you cannot tackle the problem without a plan. A plan here can be a scientific method, which guides us to try various possible solutions and choose the best one. Be able to do it, we also need to know the calculation and chemical properties of

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