The Importance Of Change In The Handover Process

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Change in the Handover Process
Communication between medical health professionals is the vital part to ensure safe, high quality and continuing care (Johnson et al, 2015). The process of conveying information from one person to another in the medical facility, whether it is hospital, clinic or nursing facility, has to be clear, detailed, and relevant. A descriptive comparative study in seven ICU’s of three different countries showed that the quality of care related to effective communication between care-providers, including handover communications (DeKeyser et al, 2014). Working in the nursing and rehabilitation center and encountering multiple ways and attitudes toward shift-change handoff report, the definite problem with the effectiveness
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Omitting and losing information during the handover reports impact effectiveness, quality and safety of patient care (DeKeyser et al, 2015). The coming nurse has to relay on the incomplete reports in hope that all that was in the report is true and his/her patients are in stable conditions. Nevertheless, worsening in the patients’ condition could come suddenly, and any change should be noticed and reported in order to prevent undesired outcomes. In addition, taking time actually look at patient could potentially prevent adverse events as falls because the nurse could assess if patient needs anything at that time and attend to the …show more content…
After the implementation of the bedside standardized procedure, the evaluation should be conducted. This evaluation can consist of the surveying nurses after the implementation the new procedure to identify what works and what should be changed, removed or added, conducting periodic evaluation of the patients outcomes by reviewing patients’ cases, and identification of any still existing barriers based on the staff surveys and patients outcomes (Criscitelli,

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