Private Health Care In America

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When historical events in our country changed lives forever, numerous citizens wanted a

change for a better future. Important factors concerned out nation such as, withdrawing our troops from the war, a spike in unemployment and destruction to our middle

class workers. All of this came about due to the amount of money the government was spending

to fund the war on terrorism. We were borrowing money from other countries and driving the

deficit up to an all time high in the trillions. When our nation was broken we were promised a

change that ended up turning into the greatest disappointment America has ever faced.

In 2008 during the Presidential election, countless Americans wanted a change. This came in

the form of citizens swaying
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Nevertheless, Americans blind admiration for free stuff is what

put citizens at a disadvantage in life. We already have two of the worst government run

health care systems in America, which would be the Veterans Affairs and Native American

clinics. Americans that don’t have private health care this coming year are looking at a 25%

increase, leaving an abundance of uninsured that will be at risk of going bankrupt if any major medical

bills arise.

Given these points, President Obama and his administration have disappointed and failed

the American populace. The United States citizens put faith in his words that he would bring

change to this country in our time of need. Instead of change he brought a feeling of despair and

hopelessness. Moreover, Americans felt like they were sold out and this became quite apparent during this

current election season. Donald Trump appealed to Americans that have been trying to survive

the last eight years under our current administration that didn’t have our best interest at heart. Time is the only factor in deciding if the right choice was

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