Three Common Causes Of The Great Depression

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The great depression is one of the most deviating points in American history as it pushed

the American spirit to the brink of the human limit. This horrible time in American

history has many different causes that notable historians focus and pinpoint this result on.

The main 3 common causes for the Great Depression though are the original stock market

crash of 1929, the drought conditions of the time on North American soil and the overall

lack of purchasing of goods in our nation at the time.

To start off, our nation was in a horrible time economically by the end of the 1920s

after living high because of the foreign purchases of our goods in times of world war I.

Though Doc B depicts, This led our economy to a new high and
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This in return changed the way farmers

planted and tended to their crops forever due to the uprising of winds. Piling small

houses with sand and destroying others with the intense land. The dust bowl cost

America also in the sense of financial depression. Doc D presents, The actions took place

right at the beginning of the Great Depression when the country was prepping to keep its

citizens from experiencing the life of a poor peasant but this storm got in the way in a

huge sense. The Dust Bowl didn’t allow the Americans of the region to pay their needed

taxes to keep us from going into the depression. Without these taxes, Wall Street didn’t

have the needed money to try and reverse the side effects of the time period. As most of

the citizens in this part of the country were not of the higher social anarchy, the richer

figures had to pay more thus lowering our difference between the rich and poor. Doc A

shows Though all in all, our economical stature was shifted down a couple of notches
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This isn’t considered fully a cause

of the great depression but a catalyst to the era as it occurred during the depression. It

could be to blame for the latter parts of the depression where America had a hard time

getting out of the slump of the era and was forced to use other methods to get back on its

feet. The dust bowl wont be remembered as the primary reason for the Great Depression

but will be as the cause for the Great Depression not ending earlier.

Lastly, we have the aspect of American choice to not buy materials. With the great

depression and the stock market crash, our countries economic decline had forced its way

into the job aspects of life. Letting go of almost 2/3 of the population caused our citizens

to hold less of an income than they might have had just a couple of days earlier. With

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