Hepatitis C And Cirrhosis Case Management Case Study

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Quality of life can vary from person to person and different aspects can impact the quality of health such as an illness. As a result, a medical condition can impact a person’s function which at times will require a case manager to help organize the support and services that is needed for the patient and/or for their family. For instance, Henry was unfortunately diagnosed with hepatitis C and cirrhosis. Hepatitis C is a viral infection that can be transmitted through blood and cirrhosis is the final stage of hepatitis C in which the liver is no longer able to function normally. Therefore, there are limited options for Henry because of the impact of his illness and a case manager may be needed to direct the next step to manage the main priorities for Henry and his family. The diagnosis of a medical condition leave many patients lost and confused, so during such a critical period all support and services are necessary.
The medical condition Henry was diagnosed with was
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In the case of Henry, his medical condition affected his liver, which limited many of his function and his ability to participate or complete activities. As a result of Henry’s diagnosis of hepatitis C and cirrhosis, it worried him and his family in which it required the need for a case manager. The assessment and planning elements of case management are important to addressing the priorities and issues that Henry and his family may have or never knew. Moreover, Henry and his family’s top priorities such as financial condition, functional and cognitive status, and social support are managed by different members of the rehabilitation team that are best suited to attending their needs. Therefore, rather than stressing out Henry and his family even more because of Henry’s medical condition, it is best to help them by providing the necessary support and service to improve their quality of life for the

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