The Importance Of Building Science Concept Books

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All these elements create a key purpose for the nature of science strand. The elements are put in place so that students learn to develop an understanding of what thinking and working like a scientist is all about. They then can apply this to their science learning.

The building science concept books are extremely useful when it comes to teaching science as a student teacher. “Teachers must choose activities that match students’ background knowledge and reasoning skills.”
The building science concept resources have helped me with my teaching practices within science. I used the building science concept book to help me create a lesson on Buoyancy, at first I had no knowledge whatsoever about this topic however the book was a great resource
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In that case my big idea understood buoyancy.
The science concepts show myself as a teacher where to go next and what to teach.
Section one, activity one was extremely useful when checking my students understanding. In the first diagnostic lesson this activity enabled me to see if the children were understood the topic. There are three sections in this activity. What you need, what you do and what you look for they are there to support your teaching so that you are clarifying what you are looking for when testing the students.
Section two of the booklet extends on what they already know; this section helped me develop the students’ knowledge by useful teaching notes.

The Building Science Concepts resource scaffolds the children’s vocabulary as mentioned above there is a glossary of words and meanings at the back of the resource. According to Karen in the Astall and Bruce reading (2010) She feels that the rubric in the Building Science Concept resource is very helpful when using the correct vocabulary when referring to the nature of science. This can help me reflect as a teacher because if the students’ are using the correct scientific vocabulary then it shows me that they understand what they have been taught. When reflecting back to the elements the Building
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I have recently got out of high school and I know that learning about science and teaching science was two completely different things. Coming into this without any knowledge looked very challenging, I did not know where to start and how to teach the topic. However through guidance from the readings such as Skamp Joyce, C., Bull, A., Hipkins, R., & MacIntyre, B. (2008), Astall, C. (2011), Bull, A. (2012), Education Review Office (2012) and scaffolding from the teacher I now feel more confident towards teaching science. One experience that gave me the confidence to teach science was when we went to Windsor North primary school and taught a topic/ strand of science. At first it seems very nerve racking not knowing what you will teach but with the help of the building science concept books I felt confident and was extremely excited to actually teach something that the students did not know about. I personally believe that science is a great subject, it’s hands on, it extends the child’s knowledge beyond what they already know and it relates to all subjects one way or another. This has been a small dose of science but I am excited to extend my knowledge on this subject so I can be an effective

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