The Importance Of Being The Managing Director Essay

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We rushed into giving each member job roles, which resulted in the marketing director been giving to not the most suitable individual as they little to no knowledge in marketing as her course was mainly an economics oriented degree. When my degree was very suitable and marketing oriented however I was entitled with the role of being the managing director of the company where I was enforced to manage my group. Whilst my attributes and expertise would have been more fitting for the marketing director role in comparison for the managing director role, despite being able to do so. One of Frederick Taylor’s scientific management principles stated ‘Rather than simply assigning workers to just any job, match workers to their jobs based on capability and motivation, and train them to work at maximum efficiency’- Frederick Taylor (1909) Following the theory of Taylor would have enabled us as a group to have a more effective group. I learnt when coming together with a group it was vital that everyone has got the most ideal roles, which suits each of their individual attributes.

The value of working together as a team is vital as we were often having to meet up for regularly in order to keep up with the work load. Also making sure everyone has the necessary information in order to carry out everyone’s individual tasks. I have often been part of many team in my past such football and cricket teams, however business game test my limits as I was having to sort out problems…

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