The Importance Of Being An Engineer

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Introduction I would describe myself as an engineering enthusiast, and have wanted to create things ever since I can remember. While it’s really hard to pin-point exactly why I’ve always wanted to become an engineer. I love the engineers give a purpose to mathematics and science, and use them to create the tools of our world. I want to experience the intellectual challenges engineers face. Engineers are paid well, and encouraged by everyone to solve the biggest problems of today. This report will help me find in myself what I need to work on to become a one the best engineering students, and therefore a great engineer.
Goal Setting
There’s a lot of things that I would love to achieve during my time at UAA. I’m going to try to attempt a dual
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I spend at least fifty percent of a semester on a sleep schedule that leaves me incredibly tired for class. And thus, I’m less likely to perform well on test, taking notes, and communicating with my classmates. Also, spending 65% of my existence with either not enough sleep or awake at 3:00 am isn’t good for following a schedule. This is a hard problem to fix, since I’ve made it a habit for so many years. The biggest action I’ve taken to reduce this problem is pour out any caffeinated beverages ready to drink after five. Also, I have created a habit of not bringing my phone, and other electronic devices to my bed, and instead leaving them on my desk. I’ve gotten positive results, but I’m not quite where I want to be yet and there are many things I can still …show more content…
My stress management is all about preparation, and is very intertwined with time management. There is nothing more stressful than being unprepared. And while I do have procrastination issues I’ve always seemingly find a way to get prepared in time. A common misconception is that many believe stress is an antiquated feeling that holds us back in the modern world, and I disagree to an extent. While I’ll concede that severe stress is very hard on the body, and thus health; the feeling of anxiety is what motivates a lot of people including me. The real challenge is not letting stress overwhelm, and that’s something I’ve gotten pretty good at. Whenever I feel overwhelmed with anxiety I’ll take a 10 to 15 minute break and eat an apple or banana. This is a technique I have used for a while now and it works every time without

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