Becoming A Writer: A Short Story

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Writing was and still is not my strong subject, if compared to Science or Psychology. At some point I wanted to be a writer. Well to be exact a (fantasy- fiction writer) until I came to my senses, and decided maybe that is not my strong suit. As I was growing up possibly around middle school age; I thought I could write and was able to start. I guess in a way it is something you think you can do, or not. Most writes are able to know if they can write, for example-George Orwell knew he should be a writer at a very young age. Writing is something you feel. Growing up was not easy for me. I was the oldest of four kids. I was responsible for everything, since my father was never there. I grew up in Dearborn, Michigan where the weather was as …show more content…
I learned my way around my teachers and how to obtaining above average grades, while skipping classes to hang out with friends. My father learned of this from an enemy. I was beaten and locked up in a closet for two days. When I went back to school with bruises I had to lie. Even now I cannot write or even allow myself to think about what he did or tried to do. At age sixteen it is legal to get married with both parents’ consent. One day my father announced “You’re getting married”. At first it was shocking, but I was happy to leave the house to get away from him. My third sister was born, and he could not be any happier. He loved her so much. My dad bought us a house, and paid my driving school which made me happy; little did I know my ex-husband bought me off. Summer of 2004 I was married to the devil himself (or Hitler as what my friends call him). I was happy at first. I continued school, lived alone with my husband, and my dad stopped being violent. Before we knew it I was pregnant, and gave birth the following year to my angel in July, of 2005. My ex-husband was very jealous of the new born, tried to kill him, forbid my family from seeing us, and the hate and torture started again. This time I was prepared and now that I am a mother I had to protect my child. I attacked back and left with my son, court dates started, and I graduated from high school. I started college, worked, and ran my father out of the country for child abuse. I signed off everything to my ex-husband to gain my child’s and my freedom. Along the way my mother convinced me to drop off all charges against my dad, of which I did out of respect for her. We bought our first house, and lived as a family for a little while without my father. One day, I overheard my neighbor trying to convince my thirteen years old second youngest sister to run away and marry him. Of which I learned

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