The Importance Of Being A Successful College Student In College?

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Being a student athlete is very hard to manage and being a first semester freshman in college trying to figure it all out is even more difficult. USC has taught me a lot this but the one thing I found most helpful was learning how to manage my time better and be more organized. The most valuable thing I found out about this topic was all the different ways to actually put into perspective all the work I have ahead of me and all the different ways to better manage my time. This topic was so beneficial because it taught me to stop procrastinating so much and make a list of all the things I have to do in the beginning of the week. I learned to plan out everything I need to do including practice so I can see how much sit down time I have to do …show more content…
Three of these that I learned from this class or even from my peers were the following: attend all classes and arrive on time, do not procrastinate, and work on campus. When it comes to classes, always arrive on time, I learned that nothing frustrates a professor more than students walking in late and distracting both the professor and other students. Attendance is a big part in your participation grade, every single class should be attended unless it’s excused for some time of competition. Not missing any classes unless it’s for a meet has taught me that every class matters no matter what. There are always new things to learn and new notes to take that the professor won’t always post online, so going to class and getting those is always very important. I also learned that if you miss class you should contact your instructor as soon as possible to make up any work you missed and get any notes. Never procrastinate anything. I learned and slowly taught myself to study early and prepare assignments in advance and how attempting to cram all this studying for tests will likely not be successful. This also has to do with working on campus, many studies show that students who work on campus succeed at a far higher rate than those who do not. You are more likely to get more work down when you work on campus rather than back in your dorm, you’ll end up sleeping or watching Netflix.. For example, from personal experience I’ve learned that you barely get work done at your dorms and you’ll have to make sacrifices once in awhile. I’ve slowly taken into consideration spending my napping time doing work at case and instead. This semester was definitely hard for me getting used to the huge transition and figuring everything out. I’m slowly figuring it out and my grades may not have been the best this semester but they will only get better from here. Thanks to USC I’ve

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