The Importance Of Being A Student Athlete

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Every student in America must make joining a sports team one of their priority. Sports can make a students grades higher and make them a better person overall. Athletes have better grades and athletes have lower dropout rates than non-athletes. Being an athlete takes a lot of hard work and adding school to that does not make it easier than it is. The 3 p’s is always implemented when playing sports. Patience is one of the most important thing to have in the world today. If you are not patient you might also quit on everything and will not build a healthy relationship with peers. Practice is also one of the 3 p’s. Without a doubt that an athlete needs practice to better their talent. Even an athlete that wasn’t born a great athlete can make …show more content…
You also learn how to be a better person for the future. Ryan Stegall stated “athletics can play a huge role in the maturation process of students. Being a student athlete will benefit the student in many ways. First, the student must keep their grades at a certain level to participate so their studies must come first before they are able to be a part of an athletic program. Students also must be good citizens and represent their school in a positive way. Students who are continually in trouble are usually not part of these programs because of the standards they are held to. Another big factor in being a student‐ athlete is attendance. To participate on a school team, the student must be present in the classroom. Therefore, all of these factors will lead to more determined personalities in the classroom and on the playing field, thus having a positive effect on student achievement. Students who work to become a part of a team are putting themselves into a positive situation. By being a part of something, students are learning many of the tools that will help them to be successful in the future. By doing this while you’re in high school, you learn to manage your time and will be better prepared for college and life in general. Being part of a team is something that is very special and cannot be replaced . Time commitment is a factor that turns a lot of students away from participating in athletics. While it is a big commitment, athletics teach students many great life skills and can be a one of the best learning experiences a young person can get’. “A study of a student athletes grade point average” 6 February 2016. In sports you have to make decisions that should be good for the whole team. You make a mistake you move on and make up for it. Athletes never panic when they make a mistake. This can transfer off the court as well. In life you will always make mistakes

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