Why I Want To Be A Mom Essay

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While I am still in a place in my life that I have many goals, I want to conquer and dreams I want to achieve, one of those dreams is to be ready to be a mother. I want to feel as ready as possible to be a parent before jumping in, because there are so many styles and decisions involved in being a mother, and I want to know what I am doing. Through counseling and education, I realized how fulfilling being a parent might be, and how all of this knowledge and love could raise a very happy human. I have many reasons why I want to be a parent, as I hope most people who have children (whether intentionally or unintentionally) eventually realize. One of these reasons is that I love kids. Past experiences have led me to understand that children are not easy to be around constantly, but there is no other feeling like a child’s love. Another reason I hope to enjoy parenthood is because I enjoy human development and psychology, and I would be thrilled if this knowledge would …show more content…
These values are important to me because they are intrinsically a part of who I am. I use them every day to guide myself through life. Something that was important to my parents that isn’t as important to me (ironically) is starting a family early. I know from watching my parents that education and subsequently finances are a big part of the ability to have a healthy family life. As a result, I won’t feel comfortable settling down to have children and a family of my own until I have the education I need and the job I want, which is in large contrast to my parents. All the values my Dad helped me with are ones I want to pass on to my children. While all of these are close to my heart, the single most important value I would choose is to be brave. A way I would work on helping my children learn this trait is by leading by example through being brave myself about parenting and

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