Barcode Technology In Nursing

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Barriers to the HTIs described in the medication process pertain to technical, environmental, and human issues. For example, technical issues such as network failures or unforeseen power outages could prevent the nurse from accessing the CPRS. As a result, the nurse would be unable to view the patient’s EHR, verify orders, assess contraindications, and/or obtain details necessary to meet the “five rights” of the medication administration process (Edwards & Axe, 2015; Hunter, 2011). Likewise, network issues or power outages could disable the automated medication system causing the nurse to seek alternative methods for obtaining the medication, which would also result in a delay of treatment. As far as environmental issues, the nurse could perform …show more content…
(2013), the purpose of mapping a process is to analyze and identify bottlenecks and opportunities for improvement to a current process. As far as improvements that could be made to the current process, the hospital could adopt the use of barcode technology and BCMA software to assist nurses to prevent medication errors. Barcode technology can also increase staff productivity by automatically documenting administration of a drug in a patient’s medical record. As previously mentioned, the use of barcode technology can assist nurses to ensure that the correct treatment is provided to the right patient and at the right time (Torres, 2012). Likewise, the BCMA software can help to ensure that nurses adhere to the “five rights” of the medication administration process using a system of checks and balances (Edwards & Axe, 2015; Hunter, 2011). The adoption of both technologies would require nursing and pharmacy staff buy-in, sufficient training, and adequate time to test the software prior to implementation. By doing so, nurses could incorporate the use of the technology at the bedside to verify the identity of patients, review drug orders, and scan medications to ensure the “five rights” of the medication administration process have been met (Edwards & Axe, 2015; Hunter, 2011). In addition, pharmacy staff could use the barcode technology to track inventory, procure supplies, dispense medications, and ensure that dispensing systems are stocked with correct drugs and doses used by nursing staff to meet patient needs (McGonigle & Mastrian,

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