Using The CMS Standard 482.23 (6.1.

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In the hospital I am an administrator at, I have decided to utilize the CMS standard 482.23(c)(6). I will discuss how I will put into practice this procedure in order to meet the conditions of CMS and the Joint Commission. I will discuss how I will incorporate this new fingerprint device for nurses on the bedside in accordance with CMS and the Joint Commission.
The Joint Commission and CMS standard 482.23(c)(6) is defined as “The hospital may allow a patient (or his or her caregiver/support person where appropriate) to self-administer both hospital-issued medications and the patient’s own medications brought into the hospital, as defined and specified in the hospital’s policies and procedures” (“Joint Commission and CMS crosswalk”, p. 183).
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I would implement this in a few ways. I would have the patient shadow what the medical specialist is doing during a set period of time. On top of this, I would have proper instruction for the patient; have them practice on their own under the supervision of the medical specialist. After this, I would have the patient take a written evaluation regarding the medication locked in the bedside stand. These actions need to take place in order to ensure confidence in the medical staff that the patient is more than capable of administering their own …show more content…
My interpretation of this is to make sure that the drugs are kept at a room temperature, tightly sealed when not being used, and as stated before, making sure they are locked away when not being used. This is not to only adhere to the policy of the Joint Commission and CMS but having the medications locked away appropriately is required by law (“Joint Commission and CMS crosswalk”). On top of this, I would make sure the other element is being implemented according to the Joint Commission and CMS standard (482.23(c) (6)), documentation (“Joint Commission and CMS crosswalk”). It is important that all three participants (patient, medical specialist, family member) are making sure to document each administration of drug that is induced; as this is going to be reported in the patient’s medical record (“Joint Commission and CMS

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