Persuasive Essay On Attending University

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In my first semester at Valencia College, I have met many brilliant minds. The people I met here do not deserve the stigma that centers around attending a community college. This school is their second chance. Often enough it is their only chance. The students I have met here have different stories. I met people who were detoured in high school and Valencia is their only hope to graduate from an university. I have met people who entered the service when they turned eighteen and gave up offers of an education to serve their country. I met people who were not given scholarships and this is the only school they can afford. I can agree that all these people make this college a place I should be proud to study. However, …show more content…
The fact that an average student at my school did not have to maintain excellent grades in high school and participate in a multiple of after school activities to get in echoes in my head every time I say, "I go to Valencia." What I do not think of is the difficulty of getting scholarships. This could be the difference between completing my masters and receiving a PhD. I should feel honored to have this opportunity, as should everyone who attends Valencia. Despite this, the fear of judgment prevents this feeling of pride. I think everyone who attends Valencia College should feel proud of themselves and ecstatic to have the chance to get a college education. I have seen parents bringing their children to school with them, with respect in the eyes of their little ones who stroll behind them. This is an opportunity to give their children a better life than they had, and it is selflessly done during less than ideal circumstances. They should take pride in the fact that Valencia is their hope for a better future. Unfortunately, many of them only feel regret for their past mistakes. In contrast, there is much pride in more prestige universities. A Harvard graduate might boost about the school they attended. However, they might end up in the same job as someone who received their associate of arts degree from a community college. However, because Harvard has 5.4%

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