The Importance Of Art And Religion Have Been Connected Essay

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Our Mother Revealed Throughout the course of history, art and religion have been connected. “Art is created and enjoyed by many people for many reasons.” One of art’s earliest ambitions was the practice of religious ritual (Jirousek, Charlotte). Over the span of many centuries, the Church was the number one supporter of artists. In today’s society, like those of the past, a fundamental purpose of art revolves around religion (Jirousek, Charlotte). Mary, the Mother of God, plays an extremely important role in the teachings of Christianity. Marian art represents a shorter title for pieces of work that depict the Virgin Mary. Art equips us with a beautiful opportunity to express our emotions and passions; such passions for the Queen of Heaven have been a focal point of Christian art.
The word “art” itself breaks down into many sections or genres; the portrayal of art branches off into a magnitude of fashions. As someone gazes into a work of art, they may feel some sort of emotion. However, a deeper question may arise as to why do they feel that way? “The word ‘art’ is like the words ‘love’ or ‘happiness’ in that everyone knows what they mean or recognizes what they refer to, but, when pressed, finds them difficult to define with consistency or wide application” (Dissanayake 3). Art has some nature of indefinability about it which creates a challenge for someone trying to generate an accepted, concrete interpretation. A person could have a profound compassion for art, and…

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