Assumption Of The Virgin Titian Analysis

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The Renaissance was an age of learning and revival of classic Roman and Greek art and culture. Paintings of the Renaissance often focused on religion but also focused on creating realistic humans. In 1518 the Renaissance painter Titian completed his masterpiece “The Assumption of the Virgin” for the altar Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari Basilica in Venice. The piece is a depiction of the Virgin Mary rising from Earth into heaven through angels taking her away from the Apostles and towards God. The painting promotes the idea that the Apostles, the Virgin Mary, and God are powerful, religious, and it promotes the Catholic Church. Titian’s use of the color red promoted the idea of power and referred to the Catholic Church through its use of the …show more content…
Titian used the size and shape of his painting to emphasize that God is the most powerful and promote the idea that pious and holy people rise to heaven. At the bottom of the painting, the viewer observes an apostle with his hand stretched out and pointing at the angels carrying the Virgin Mary to God. This apostle is what draws the viewer’s attention and promotes the observer to then look upwards to the angels and cherubs lifting the Virgin Mary to heaven on clouds. After seeing the angels lifting Mary on the clouds viewers are drawn to the Virgin Mary’s outstretched arms that then encourage them to look towards God. God at the top of the work has his arms outstretched encompassing all of the world inside of the painting within his arms to represent the idea of piety and heaven. The size of the altarpiece is also massive as it is almost 23 feet tall and the figures are nearly lifelike. The apostles at the bottom of the piece are over 6 feet tall when observed in the Venetian church The Assumption of the Virgin is located in and Mary is larger than that to show her importance and power. At the top of the work where God is he is not as tall as Mary or the Apostles but extends almost entirely across the 11 feet wide canvas to showcase that God and heaven encompass all and add to the idea that God is

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