Saint Margaret Mary Fabyan Windeatt Summary

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In the book Saint Margaret Mary by Mary Fabyan Windeatt, is an Intimate insights from Saint Margaret to whom Our Lord gave the Sacred Heart revelations. Includes Our Lord’s own words to her and tells how she sought out suffering for the love for God. Margaret Mary Alacoque was an inspiration to others because of her deep faith in God, outstanding humility, and unfailing obedience. From Saint Margaret earliest years, she has deep faith in God and was herself pious, especially admiring the Blessed Sacrament. At four, she made a vow of chastity and at fifteen, she vowed to the Blessed Virgin to sanctify herself for life as a nun. Saint Margaret was told she was self-centered and lazy; her desire to go to daily Mass was frequently …show more content…
In the first, Jesus told her: “I now call you the beloved disciple of my Sacred Heart.” In the second, he gave her a vision of his Sacred Heart, enthroned on flames, bounded by a crown of thorns, and surmounted by a cross, In the third, he asked her to make affectionate reparation to his Sacred Heart by frequent and loving Holy Communions, especially on each First Friday, and by an hour-long vigil of prayer every Thursday night in the memory of his agony. And the fourth vision, in which Jesus asked that she seek to have instituted a feast of reparation on the Friday after the octave of the Feast of Corpus Christi. A book written by St. Claude, a Jesuits priest who believed Margaret Mary, and respected her, was read out loud throughout the convent meals, without anyone knowing in advance that it recounted her visions. Understanding of their acceptance by a man all regarded as saintly, the entire community finally embraced them as true. After Margaret Mary’s death, devotion to the Sacred Heart slowly spread throughout France and to other parts of Europe. And after Seventy-five years, The Feast of the Sacred Heart was celebrated on the calendar of the universal

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