Should Teachers Be Armed In Schools Essay

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Arming teachers and staff in public schools is an agreeable, but yet also a destructive way of keeping themselves and the students safe. Teachers and other staff members can leave their gun in their desk and any student can access their desk if that teacher leaves their classroom even for a split second. If a student does this then they may not know about gun safety and or how to use it. This could turn into a harmful situation. If we arm teachers do the school boards have the policies and procedures to govern the carrying and use of firearms.
Arms in schools is a dangerous diversion as it can be an evil factor for children and young people. One example that leads to danger of arms in public is shooting of Sandy Hook
Elementary School where
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“ Teachers would rather be armed with textbooks and computers not with guns,”
Kenneth Trump. If teachers are able to arm themselves then there would be no reason to keep a security guard on campus. Will the teachers know how to properly use firearm, will they know the policies and the procedures that come with carrying a weapon? Teachers being armed is not only dangerous for them but dangerous for the students and for their co workers. If the school boards allow the teachers to arm themselves they are taking it upon themselves to carry their lives, the students life, and their co workers life. It 's a teacher 's job to protect and keep the students and themselves safe but to an extent.
A 2013 NEA national survey had found that only 22 percent of its members supported the idea of allowing teachers, and other employees of a school district to carry a firearm, 68 percent were against this idea. If teachers were allowed to carry a firearm, students could get ahold of a gun, or a situation you could handle without a firearm, could easily turn very deadly.
The teachers are at the schools to teach the students, not to be a public security guard.

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