The Importance Of An Effective Communication Plan On Project Success

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The Importance of an Effective Communication Plan on Project Success
Project success is defined as achievement of an objective or goal that is implemented within budget, on schedule, and scope/quality. Effective communication to all stakeholders is critical to project success. A Project Management Institute Study (2013) found that “communication is what allows projects to function efficiently” (p. 12) and a PwC (2012) report stated, “organizations with effective and efficient communication methods are more likely to stay within scope, meet quality standards and deliver intended business benefits” (p.4). Traditional project management communication plans include objectives, channels, frequency, risks and stakeholder groups. Many of these plans do not include change communication tasks, which help facilitate the understanding of business benefits. Successful communication outputs inform everyone, including end users, project team members, and executives (Project Management Institute, 2013). According to Culo and Skendrovic (2010), “effective communication creates a bridge between diverse stakeholders involved in a project, connecting various cultural and organizational backgrounds, different levels of expertise and various perspectives and interests in the project execution or outcome” (p. 234). A clear and concise communication plan that includes tasks that tailor communications to different audiences by delivering information in ways that engage the individual…

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