Community Stakeholders Case Study

Why do you think it is important to involve community stakeholders? What are some of the challenges to the involvement of community stakeholders? How would you go about assuring that the community is truly represented in the process?
For a public health department’s project to succeed in a community , the planning process must include input from the community stakeholders, this is important because the community stakeholders are in a better position to elaborate on the major health issues needing attention within their communities and some are more familiar with the issues that plague the said community and thus, are able to identify the major barriers to solving the identified health problems. Furthermore, the stakeholders are also in a better position to offer ideas as to the best strategy to rally the entire
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However, some of these problems can be circumvented by effectively communicating and educating the stakeholders in their respective community about the health departments’ proposed program. Meaning, at the initial stages of the proposed project, the health department must define and clarify plans, goals, and purpose of their proposed project. Having meetings in locations that are easily accessible to all in the community will increase residents’ participation in projects within their communities. In my opinion, clear goals and purpose will allow for effective management of public health programs (Hampton & Wadud, 2015; Anglin, 2000).
Why and how are hospitals performing community health needs assessments and plans? How can hospitals and health departments collaborate on assessment, planning, and interventions to improve the health of the communities they serve? What is happening in your

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