The Importance Of Adoption And Application Of An Effective And Inefficient Research Methodology

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The pertinence of a section on research methodology in the concerned study is in view of the way that it helps in the presentation of the different steps associated with the entire research process to the reader (Rubin et al. 2010). The importance of adoption and application of an effective and inefficient research methodology in the research study arises from the fact that it leads to a systematic process of research which leads to the derivation of research outcomes in a planned and efficient manner (Saunders et al. 2009). In the meantime, it additionally should be highlighted the way that fact that poorly conceived research methodologies lead to difficulties in derivation of research outcomes and worse still, many times it causes obstruction to the conduction of a smooth research study.
It needs to be mentioned here that the key components of a successful research methodology are research philosophy, research approach, research design, data collection and analysis techniques, consideration to important aspects such as validity and reliability and ethical issues and finally, presentation of the intended time horizon to which the researcher wishes to adhere (Rubin et al. 2010). It is in accordance to these aspects that the researcher has highlighted each of them individually in the sections to follow.
3.2 Research Philosophy
Research philosophy is associated with the ideology that it intended to govern the overall research process associated. The selection and adoption of…

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