The Importance Of Academic Life

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Register to read the introduction… i enjoy having to work together to achieve something. It gives you a feel good factor knowing you are able to achieve whilst working together.
· Ambitious - I am extremely ambitious individual, and very focused. I have my mind set on what i want to do, and how im going to go about it. I have set no limits of how far i want to go in life, and want to do the best i can.
· Literate - One of my strong points throughout my academic life, is that i am a very literate individual. English has always been a strength, and my grammar and spelling has always been of a high standard. This will help me in projects and presentations on this course, especially when using alternative synonyms and jargon to avoid repeating myself.
· Humour - I consider myself to be a slight joker, i am fun to be around and you will usually find me masterminding my next joke. i believe i am a funny person in general, so people tend to be easy around me and not feel uncomfortable if they do not know
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e.g you just dont learn about textbook topcs, you partake in employability and information mamagement lectures which are both vital aspects in getting a business related job. · Strengths - i believe the strengths that i possess provide me with a great oppurtunity to succeed in the future. Threats. · External threats - as i work part time, this could affect my studies, as i am not able to give all attention to the course. · Sociable - Again, as i am a sociable person, it could prove costly. i need to make sure i keep focused on the task of achieving my goal. · Lack of Time - on the course, there are alot of assignments to prepare for in little time, need to make sure you utilize all free time. · working in groups - if someone is underperforming in a group based task, it could affect your mark. · Money - money can be a big threat, it costs money everyday to get to university. if i am not able to attend, my attendance will suffer, then inevitably so will my

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