Academic Failure In College

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Being a college student was never easy, from entering a university until graduation. As we go on the journey, nothing came up just so easy. College students exerted efforts, time, sweat, and blood (just to elaborate) “Nothing was easy “. In the journey, there are plenty of stumbling blocks, hindrances, obstacles and many more. And one of them is failure. Nobody is perfect, right? Not all of us can get anything we want in one snap. Students must be studious, diligent, and thorough, ponder our goals, contemplate plans for us to flourish and succeed. As a student, maybe failure is certain. Pink (n.d) defined Academic Failure as a situation where the primary goal of education is not delivered to students who are in the state where they experience …show more content…
Obviously if students are really undecided with their program and they chose it there is a big possibility that they might fail in some subjects especially major subject. Many students have this particular problem, especially if they were asked by their parents to take a program that they don’t love or if they were forced to follow their parents’ footsteps. Choosing a program is like choosing your future. If a student picked a wrong program, there will be a lack of interest and enjoyment in the process of their learning. They might get bored of the program itself and perform poorly in the class. There are many students in FIT that shifted courses because they realized that they are not fit for their chosen program. And some transferred schools because of failing in some subjects and cannot support taking the same subject financially.
Another is wrong priorities. Moore (2014) he claimed that having wrong priorities is one of the biggest factor why students are failing in their subjects. Activities that are giving them pleasure are more prioritized than their real responsibility. What he said is true, it is very particular among students especially boys. They spend endless hours in social media, games, sports, hobbies and many more than their studies resulting to cramming and most likely,
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First, they need to lay low from their status like, take a break or talk to a friend in order to vent out their feelings or take a nap in order to calm your mind. And if they are finally cool down, they need to know the cause why they fail in order to change the pace in their study habits. “Did I not listening while the professor is talking?” “Did I just not paying attention that much while I’m studying?” Ask yourselves questions like that and create a plan to bounce back from that state. Create a new strategy to improve your study habits. Like, getting a friend to study with you or solve some practice problems on your own and also participate and have a concentration while your professor is discussing. Get out from your comfort zone. And just try and try it again. Don’t give up easily and don’t be afraid to ask some help to other people, because you might also learned just by listening to

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