College Classes Vs Ap Classes Essay

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As a collegiate student who joined the program as a senior, I have the unique experience of taking six Advanced Placement (AP) and four college classes so far through my high school years. AP classes were meant for high school students to get a taste of college level work and credits without the crippling debt, at least for a few years, while still attending their schools. However, the dichotomy between these two types of classes couldn’t have been more startling to me. After my first few weeks of actual college classes I realized how much more intense, arduous, and tedious AP classes really were. The Amount of stress each type of class asserts is also startling as well when compared side by side. The AP classes I took were supposed to mimic the basic of college course there were to offer, however they could be anymore different. My main comparison point will be my AP English Language and Composition class and my ENC1101 class. The goal of …show more content…
My hair returned to it’s original state and I do not look like someone going to withdrawals anymore with my drug of choice being sleep. An amazing perk of college classes is the course schedule, it allows me to give myself ample procrastination time before giving my self a deadline to finish an assignment before the actual due date. In AP classes we are given relatively lengthy or difficult assignments on random days and we are expected to finish them in a day or a few if that. I remember one night that I was just sitting on my floor in the dark because I had literally nothing to do, I had finished all my assignments early, I felt that something was wrong. Due to AP classes I had gotten used to never having any free time, the absence of the tight gut feeling had really confused me. My dad walked on me sitting on my floor with a confused look on my face illuminated by my desk lamp in the darkness, he had an equally confused look to match

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