The Importance Of A True Friend

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Of the listed definition words, true friend is one that I view as the most impactful on my life. Stemming from the adjective true, this type of friend is one that is real and actual. Friend means one that is not an opponent or enemy. With the combination of these words, a true friend is a person that respects you, is able to talk with you, and is able to go through hell with you.
In my own experience, I have a few true friends. From my hometown, it was easy finding a couple of friends that became close and relevant to me. As I had a class of fourteen students, two of them remain my true friends. They respect me as a person, and are willing to listen to any circumstance that I want to converse about. Greg and Ben, my true friends, have been
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Not only have I invested time and effort with them, but I am there for them for any reason. Just the other day I received a call from Greg, wanting to know if I would be willing to talk about “girls”. Recently, he broke up with his girlfriend of over a year and was fairly depressed. I don’t have too much knowledge of break-ups, but I was able to distract him from the situation and offer him support. Last year, Greg was willing to be the third wheel when he took my girlfriend and I to a Nebraska football game against the top ranked Michigan State team. Although he was lonely, I made sure he was having a good time and didn’t make him feel like a third …show more content…
Sometimes who you think are true friends aren’t. Actually, looking up the definition of true friend clarifies most issues in this case. A “true” friend is real and actual. In the phrase “true friend”, true also means that this type of friend isn’t going to persuade you into horrible decision-making or catastrophic failures. They will support you in the fullest and will be willing to do anything upon your request, besides jumping off a bridge. Discovering the definition of a true friend, it has confirmed that I am as fortunate as I am to have two true friends in my life. Down the road, I have possibilities of making new “true friends”, but there are no guarantees it will become the relationship that I share with my closest true

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