The Importance Of A Teacher

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As a teacher it is crucial to know the differences in the intellectual ability and understand that there are a variety of intelligences and learning styles. Many students in my classroom are visual and kinesthetic learners. Some enjoy images, movies, games, or hands-on activities. As a teacher not only is it important to acknowledge these learning styles, but also provide variety so you can cater to each child’s intellectual ability. We must understand that every child is born with the ability and it is the role of the teacher to teach them how improve and achieve their goals. In today’s society, it seems that we are all “born” into gender stereotypical roles. We are taught how girls and boys should play and act. Students that do not match …show more content…
When you have students with special needs in your class, it is important how you plan and arrange your classroom. Their ability to process and their self-esteem are easily influenced. As a teacher I plan to really get to know my students, their behaviors, mental and physical well being so I can accommodate and modify my class accordingly. The most important thing for a teacher is their attitude; be consistent and kind. A positive school culture is important and should be evident in my classroom. Students and teachers should be consistently asking how things are going and offer to help each other. It is important for teachers and students to learn and acknowledge diversity in the classroom for the greater good. When people value diversity, they recognize and respect the fact that people are different and that these differences are a great …show more content…
I believe every child has potential and it is my goal as a teacher is to be their biggest advocate and give them the support they need. As teachers we should help our students find their own passions that will give them the skills they need help develop them and prepare them as adults in society. I plan to encourage my students to be critical thinkers and to be independent learners, I want them to be able to explore and evolve their curiosity and joy of learning. I want my students to want to learn and to want to better themselves and take pride in their

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