Essay The Importance Of A Teacher 's Classroom

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In today’s culture teachers are belittled and expectations for them are high. On the surface a teacher may just seem like one person doing one job, but a teacher is someone who fulfils many different roles daily. One role is the role of a friend in which teachers are encouraged to build empathetic friendships to meet a students’ needs and keep them accountable in the classroom (2.2), this means learning about their home life, hobbies, and interests. TESOL teachers must have strong moral and ethical behaviors because they celebrate the different lives lived out by each student.
Students from various backgrounds and cultures will enter a TESOL teacher’s classroom and they must use diversity to their advantage by not being discriminatory and by displaying acceptance. To harvest this culture, it is imperative for teachers to treat each student and each story with respect (2.1). When fostering culture and differences among students, a teacher must treat students equally (2.d). Teachers can use students’ differences to build bridges between students and their cultures so students can learn about other cultures through their classmates. A teacher’s duty of equality doesn’t end when they leave the classroom. Outside of the classroom, it is essential for a teacher to build respectful relationships with their co-workers, administrators, and the community around them, so they can celebrate the culture living in these different people (2.3). This citizenship can build up and encourage…

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