The Importance Of A Supportive Learning Environment Essay

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uilding Supportive Culture
Positive TA/student interactions will not only make your job as a TA easier, it can also facilitate and is essential for creating a supportive atmosphere for learning. We will outlining a few ways to establish and maintain a supportive learning environment that will enhance the success of you and your students.
Establishing expectations
As mentioned earlier, establishing clear expectations between you and your students will make your job much easier but it is also an important step in creating a supportive learning environment. Reviewing this list of expectations with students in the beginning of the semester demonstrate to students that their opinions are important . Some expectations you can have of your students are: turning assignments in on time, coming to class on-time, clearly communicating any absences, utilizing office hours, using positive language in class, and being respectful of others. Expectations students can have of you include: being prepared for class, promptly responding to emails, being available during office hours, always listening to students concerns, and being respectful towards all students and the teacher.
Fostering a supportive learning environment
Once expectations are established, there are several ways to future foster a positive learning environment. One way is to provide positive written and verbal feedback. Rather than simply marking assignments wrong, provide comments regarding what students are doing right.…

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