The Importance Of A Role Model A Teacher Essay

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Working at Woodland Acres Elementary was challenging and, in the beginning, a daunting task. I was nervous about working with the students at the school in the beginning of the semester but I have grown to appreciate the time I spend there. I believe that working at this elementary school that is rich in diversity has changed my view on working in a diverse community. It has positively affected my outlook on teaching students in a school similar to this one. The entire experience was challenging and instructive in a way that was sure to benefit me in my future teaching endeavors.

Being in a school that is diverse has been a rewarding experience for me. I have always believed that any child can get an education if they have the right mindset and the right teacher to work with them. I understand now just how important of a role model a teacher is for the students. Students need their teachers to be positive role models for them. Many of the students at this elementary come from less than adequate homes and have experiences in their home lives that are not typical of many students in a less diverse setting. Working at Woodland Acres Elementary has shown me all the challenges these students face and the obstacles they must overcome at their young ages. I understand better now just how important school is for these children and how much of an impact I can make by being there to support them in the classroom.

The continued support of these students in the…

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