A Great Nurse

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“Ah, ha, ha, ha, stayin ' alive, stayin ' alive,” is not only a popular disco song that almost everyone in America can sing but also a life saver measure in CPR. This song is a trick to know the right amount of compressions to do per minute to an unresponsive person. This trick is one of the many tricks a nurse remembers to do their job efficiently. While a nurse is working in a CPR situation, there are certain traits nurses need to handle this and other stressful situations. Under these situations, the best types of people who can make a great nurse are problem solvers, caregivers, and hard workers.

The first type of person that will make a great nurse is a problem solver. Day-to-day, nurses work with new, familiar, and unfamiliar
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The foundation of being a problem solver is knowledge. Problem solvers are knowledgeable of their practice. To become knowledgeable, nurses go through years of nursing school. During these years of schooling, critical thinking is created in problem solvers. Critical thinking and being knowledgeable creates an easy path for nurses to solve a problem for a patient. While in the process of solving a patient’s problem, nurses must pay attention to detail. They must take notice of every symptom the patient is feeling to diagnosis the problem. If a nurse cannot solve the issue on their own, they receive help from other nurses. This is being open-minded. Being open-minded, allows problem solvers to take others perspectives and use them to keep ensure patient safety and nurse patients into better …show more content…
In order to communicate, a nurse gives a proper translation. Caregivers are able to translate others emotions, feelings, and symptoms. To help this translation, caregivers create a trusting relationship with a patient through communication. Communicating with patients is a key part of being a great nurse. Nurses are constantly talking to patients, their family, co-workers, and superiors. Communicating clearly and thoroughly gets messages across to others. Communication also creates empathy. Empathy is a part of a great nurse. These traits caregivers are able to serve others and nurse others to better

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