Essay On Becoming A Registered Nurse

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Every now and then I’m sure, Nurses are like thank you Jesus that annoying family member left! Nurses enter the medical field to help and comfort sick people and their family members but there’s a flip side to every job. Registered nursing (RN) requires a large base of knowledge which is used to assess, plan and intervene a patient’s illness which will promote their health and prevent the spread of their disease. Therefore, it is imperative that one identify and analyze the educational requirements, salary, job advancements, and the job responsibilities of a registered nurse before entering this career field.
There are three educational paths to becoming a successful registered nurse; there is an associate degree, bachelor, and the diploma
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In order to be what many call a “magnificent” nurse you must be caring, sympathetic, and able to work independently. “Most nurses work in well-lighted, comfortable health care facilities. They spend considerable time walking and standing. They need emotional stability to cope with human suffering, emergencies, and other stresses” (School of nursing). As a registered nurse you want to make sure your taking well care of your patients, and whether you’re a home nurse, or they’re night nurse at the hospital you always want them to feel like they’re in the hands of a very well nurse who enjoys their job and cares for their patients. As humans we all have our good and bad days of course, but no matter how bad of a day you’re having as a nurse you want to make sure you hide what you’re going through in order to tend to and meet your patient’s needs. As well as you need to have enough strength to pull through the rough days. For instance, if one of your patients passes away, you need to have emotional stability to be able to cope and move on with your day. “As a nurse their work requires leadership, negotiation skills, good judgment, the ability to accept responsibility, to express ideas clearly and concisely, direct or supervise others, follow orders precisely, and determine when consultation is required” (SOURCE). Registered nurses should have the desire to help others and the …show more content…
Nursing is an excellent profession within the medical field, registered nurses often make up an essential part of our healthcare system, and they play a major role in today’s society. As a nurse you get the opportunity to interact with many different patients, and medical staff members. It is also such a rewarding career both monetarily, and emotionally. Nurses impact and make a difference in the lives of many patients bringing them hope for a better tomorrow. A caring and compassionate nurse is often known as a guardian angel to their

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