The Importance Of A Medical Radiation Technologist (MRT)

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Maya Angelou once said “They may forget your name, but they will never forget how you made them feel” (Sonnabend, 2016). This essay will explore how a Medical Radiation Technologist (MRT) works in partnership with patients to ensure their health care needs are met, what the clinical and legal responsibilities of a MRT as a health professional is and how these can be adhered to. It will also explore the rights of patients and the role the MRT plays in meeting these rights, ensuring patient centred care. Then finally it will touch on the art of communication and how this is incorporated in day to day practice.

Clinical and Legal Responsibilities
Hand Washing
Patient contact is single handily the easiest way to spread infection.
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Before proceeding with any medical intervention, informed consent is legally and ethically required. This involves informing the patient of the possible risks, benefits, alternative treatment and ensuring the patient understands fully what has been discussed (Schenker, Fernandez, Sudore & Schillinger, 2011). Right seven of the Health and Disability Commissioners (HDC) code of rights states “services may be provided to a consumer only if that consumer makes an informed choice and gives informed consent” (The Codes of Rights, 1996). As an MRT verbal consent must be obtained prior to having any x-rays taken. Failure to obtain informed consent can compromise patient safety and place the patient and possibly other health care providers at …show more content…
Rudimental procedures such as taking x-rays of hands aren’t invasive nor complicated, therefore most people are comfortable with this. However, when computerised tomography (CT) needs to be done patients often present with more questions as it appears riskier and more complicated. The patient must be made aware of all information related to the procedure before any decisions are made. This is done before taking any x-rays either in the x-ray room or a consultant room in

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