The Importance Of A Learning Community Classroom Essay

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I grew up primarily in Foreman, Arkansas, which is a small community. It was great growing up in a close community environment, and it resembles being part of a large family. Currently, I live in Horatio with my husband and two daughters. Horatio is another tight network of people with similar family aspects. Other than spending valuable time with my family, I have many interests. Some of my interests include reading Literature and spending my spare time writing. Overall, my goal is to create a learning community classroom which teaches my passion for English Language Arts. I believe having the ability to work in a classroom for the internship will only help me understand how to better achieve my goal. For several years, I have been working in the education field. I worked at a school district and held a Paraprofessional position. I started out being a teacher’s aide for 7th and 8th grade Keyboarding and Career classes as well as the High School Computer Lab Technician. Throughout the years, my position grew and added more jobs to my title. A facilitator for Virtual Arkansas senior high classes was added as well as IT technician for the entire school district. I chose to work at the school many years back so I could get as much experience in the classroom as I could. In doing this, I now feel very comfortable and confident in my first year teaching. Throughout college, I have been able to uphold a 4.0 GPA while working for several years as a Paraprofessional. My…

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