The Importance Of A Interview For A Job Essay

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The purpose of the interview is the most important part in the hiring process in discovering if a candidate matches what was presented by their resume and to determine whether they can fit into your organization. A person can tailor their resume so that it matches all the points mentioned in the job posting but all the qualities a company wants may not be indicated there. A background check can be performed in order to verify that the technical aspects of a job applicants resume match the advertised requirements but that does not provide enough detail in order to make a hiring decision. Since the job interview is the last and the most important line of defense to evaluate whether a candidate has the qualities necessary for success in the position and in your organization, it is important that the best efforts are undertaken in its preparation to ensure that the best candidate for the position is selected.
The process of designing a job interview should begin with an assessment of the job description. If it was one properly, the job description should provide the following key elements: a job summary; required skills, abilities and education, role within a team, reporting relationships, and any physical demands. It has been found that when companies regularly update their job descriptions with timely and accurate information on the job duties and responsibilities, the HR department will have clear direction about the company’s expectations for a position. (Siddique 2015) By…

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