The Importance Of A Healthcare Administration

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I already completed the first step in starting a new career, deciding the general path and getting started. Enrolling in a college, Check! Signing up for class, Check! And now what? It isn’t hard to know that finishing the degree is the next step, but then what? What will I do with that little piece of paper, besides hang it on my wall and forget to dust it? Thankfully, and hopefully, at the end of this I will have some idea. If not, I better start learning how to flip burgers.
Being a Healthcare Administrator can entail many different roles. It truly depends on what department I want to work with. I will be working with paperwork and procedures mostly. If I work in an office, I could possibly fill an office manager’s role. At an insurance
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My lowest was artistic, which I was surprised I even got a two. A quick synopsis of each trait is as follows: social interest involves working with other people and watching them grow, enterprising interest involves with enjoying starting up business projects, and conventional interest involves working with a set standard and procedure (National Center for O 'Net Development, 2016). I can be honest and say that this is pretty accurate of my personality and represents what I enjoy. Thankfully, these correlate with traits that are necessary for my future career choice as a Healthcare Administrator. Especially since you are dealing with patients, whether in person or their personal information, you need to follow a certain set of procedures and follow and regulations that pertain to HIPPA. That will fall within being conventional. You also have to be able to solve problems on a quick turn and possibly run an office if the manager is out for extended periods of time. This will fall within being enterprising. Finally, you work in an office setting where you interact with patients, whether briefly in a doctor’s office setting or possibly long term in a nursing home. You have to have the adequate social skills to be able to handle yourself professionally. I have to sit back and really think on which trait I would have to …show more content…
Everyone has the same goal of finishing the degree and getting into a well-paid job, relatively quickly. As I continue this degree path, I may realize that I would prefer to work in one type of an office versus another; IE an insurance company versus a nursing home or a doctor’s office. I do have a goal of working in a place and for a company I truly enjoy. The location of where I am living may also cause me to work in one office or another. In all honesty, the goal is to just have a job that pays. When it comes down to it, is that not the most important thing. Well, of course, besides allowing your career to be more than just a dead-end

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