The Importance Of 7 Habits

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The Leader in Me Website offers a host of ideas and resources for helping today 's kids become strong, responsible, and caring citizens who learn the skills needed to become leaders. The 7 Habits are a key component behind the program and emphasizes to students the fundamental truth that their education and future depend upon ultimately upon their own choices, efforts, and actions. I admire this program because of its emphasis on the 7 Habits which I believe are applicable to all people regardless of age, gender, race, religion, etc. In a society where some are ignorant of the deeper concepts of respecting elders and being responsible or accountable I believe these 7 Habits have the potential to change a person 's outlook on life and …show more content…
Office of Special Education Programs as a means for providing positive social, emotional, and academic outcomes for students with disabilities. School-wide PBIS programs provide strategies that teach students appropriate behaviors that help generate and establish safe and effective school communities.

My experiences with the PBIS model began during my student teaching as I joined my cooperating teacher on the PBIS committee in our building. I was privileged to observe my cooperating teacher take on the role of committee leader and then watch her implement the program in the classroom firsthand. She was consistent, clear, and allowed her students time to learn the necessary skills in each setting.

The program itself is quite simple teaching students to be safe, responsible, and respectful, and is an on-going process that requires participation from admin, classroom teachers, support staff, and parents in order to succeed.

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From flipped learning and online gaming, to Google Classrooms, Edmodo, and more I will present students the opportunities to work on areas they want to improve using technologies relevant to 21st century learning. Click on the links below to see how I have already started using technology to increase student engagement and boost learning.
Click the link below to see some of the amazing videos I 've been working on. I 'm excited about the interactive elements available through and have thoroughly enjoyed learning how to make instructional videos to help students learn any time, anywhere, online.
From homework helps to how-to lessons, quizzes, and interactive learning students will be able to access videos for reading, math, science, and more to help increase understanding and boost learning.

*For future references, plans are in place to compile videos onto CD 's and flash drives for students without internet access. For those without access to both internet and digital devices, there will always be the possibility of renting a preloaded device to use at home, and/or students will be given extra time before school/class to view any needed videos for the

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