Should Death Penalty Be Considered As Being Mentally Deficient?

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Death Penalty
Should the Government be allowed to execute an individual who is diagnosed officially as being mentally deficient? There are numerous stances on this subject. The subject of executing a Mentally deficient individual itself has been debated for many years. Why not add one more opinion to the mix? In order, for me to properly state my opinion on the matter there needs to be extensive research done on the differences between being Mentally Ill, being Mentally Insane, and being Intellectually Disabled.
The mental health of an individual is an imperative determinant when dealing with a case where the death penalty is a possibility. Mental health is a determinant because it is a main factor in assessing a person’s ability to commit the crime in question. Furthermore, mental health is brought into question as a way of deciding if an individual is component enough to understand the relationship between their actions involving the crime and the consequences associated as a result.” The defendant's state of mind is often an issue in death penalty cases because the defendant's mental health affects his or her culpability for the crime, ability to assist counsel, and ability to understand the connection between the crime
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However, these three disorders have vastly different meanings and each encompasses a wide variety of aspects that are unique to each disorder. Each disorder influences as well as hinders an individual’s thought process among other things. “The legal system separates three types of mental disorders: intellectual disability, mental illness, and insanity. All may play a role in a defendant's case, but they are distinct conditions that are handled differently by the legal system because they affect an individual's reasoning, and therefore culpability, differently.” (Health,

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