The Impacts Of Police Brutality

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The photo is set in black in white, there is a young African American man standing in the middle of a busy city street, while two white cops face him each holding a dog tightly in hand. One of the dogs is posed mid-attack, getting ready to sink his teeth into the boy; the crowd of onlookers is still, watching silently as the scene unfolds. This photo was one of many that were taken during a time of protest and pandemonium and the powerful message it presented in the past is still one that resonates with people to this day. The image serving as a reminder that police brutality is a problem society still faces today.

Similarly, there have been events today involving young minorities that too involve policemen using excessive force. Names such as Trayvon martin, Michael Brown, and Sandra Bland, all should be familiar, they are just a few examples of young minorities that have been trending on social media and flooding news channel. All of them
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Nothing can be solved until people take a personal responsibility and make the necessary changes that are needed to start solving this issue. Hence, if people want the police to be held accountable, then they must also hold themselves accountable as well. For example, going back to the Baltimore riot, people were outraged enough to rally in the street, as it was their right as American citizens. However, when the protest turned a corner, it stopped being a protest and started becoming something else entirely; anarchy. There was no clear objective in their actions, as a result, in the public eye what was once a relatable cause became a riot of capricious criminals. Cars were being set on fire, buildings were being ransacked and many businesses in the community were destroyed. There was no method to their madness, in effect these people became the exact type of criminals that they were trying to

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