The Tragic Incident Of Police Brutality

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Police Brutality When cops continually use their training and tactics in ways that brutally harm and injure people, it is unjustly wrong. It is becoming an assumption that white cops are purposely targeting African American citizens. Cops are rushing to conclusions and taking lives or seriously injuring people. Once these citizens are injured it makes it very hard for them to believe in or even trust the law, which in turn is causing a major concern nationwide. Take for instance the Michael Brown “Hands up, don’t shoot” incident that happened on August 9, 2014. Michael Brown, an African American teen, was shot by Officer Darren Wilson in Ferguson, Missouri. Police were called to the Ferguson Market where Michael and his friend Dorian Johnson had just robbed the store. Ferguson approached Brown and ended up shooting him. It is said by witnesses that Brown, after putting his hands up, said, …show more content…
King then decided to refuse arrest and got physical with the officers which led to him getting tazed. After being tazed, King was beaten by officers using their batons. This brutality was all caught on video and became one of the most popular police brutality incidents. Only two of the officers were found guilty while two of them got off without penalty. (Goodman)
Another tragic incident of police brutality happened on the night of November 25, 2006. Sean Bell was having his bachelor party at a strip club, which the strip club happened to be in the process of being investigated by a group of undercover officers. One of the officers thought that he heard Bell’s friends say that he had a gun. As Bell and his friends were leaving they were pulled over by police. Bell began to drive off and as a result officers began to spray their car with bullets hitting the car at least fifty times, killing Bell. None of the officers were convicted of any charges.

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