Essay On Genetically Modified Foods

The Impacts of Modified Foods
Genetically modified foods have an impact on everyone including animals. Anyone that is concerned with genetically modified foods shouldn’t worry. It mostly impacts humans in both good and bad ways, but mostly in a positive way. Many may agree that genetically modified foods are bad for anyone who eats it. Some will argue that we shouldn’t tamper with the organism, but we’ve been modifying organisms since the beginning of time. Genetically modified foods are good for people in many ways. Scientists modified foods to give them better genes so they are better for people.
Modified organisms impact humans because we eat them, but we wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between non-GMO’s and GMO’s. The only way to avoid eating
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The article Genetically Modified Foods: An Overview said “According to the Worlds Public Opinion poll 92 percent of Americans think GM foods should be labels.” (Rich & Warhol, 2016). It doesn’t matter if there are labels on food products because the article Genetically Modified Foods will Dramatically Improve Agriculture Around the World stated “there has been no definitive proof that genetically modified food are in any way harmful to the environment or the human health.” (Bowman & Griswold, 2016). There have been no signs of genetically modified foods being harmful to the human body. So people shouldn’t be concerned with what kinds of foods they eat. There is not enough impact to the human body, or to the environment that would require any actions to genetically modified foods.
There are some reasons why genetically modified foods have scared everyone. There is nothing to be afraid if since there are no reports of modified foods hurting people. Scientist modified some plants to have better nutrients than before. Genetically modified foods provide more food with less land, and are better for you because of the extra things the scientists add to

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