Prison Reflection

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In the first prison which was Cummings the security system was my overall impression for me. At Wrightsville the furniture was my overall because the way the inmates built and working hard to produce the best furniture. In the Washington prison my overall was the when the security system where so organized. The way the officers talk to us and explained. Voner the most overall impression was when we was able to see the inmates that where on dead road and to see how the live before the get executed. The impact for all the prison was kind of the same because I was imaging the prison to look like what I see on TV but its way different now when you visit. In Wrightsville was when you have to walk through the inmates where they sleep and takes showers. I was totally shock because it was my finish time going to a medium prison and I had no idea it would be like that. Whereas in the Cumming the dead road area was my biggest impact because not looking at the TV and see for myself how the area is set up and being in the room …show more content…
The security guards told us to make sure we took out our shoes and each and everything from our pants pockets. In Cummings the where security guards outside by the entrance where the cars enter taking the drivers name and ID checks. However in the rest of prisons there were no security checks by the gates. Cummings also had more security than the rest of prisons. But at Wrightsville was very strict about the clothing you have on and one of my classmate had to change his pants because no camo wasn’t aloud. In all the prison there were the scanning machine that you had to stand up and put your hand above your head. Voner prison was the funniest to me because they just make us walk in the prison without checking us. The guards just took us into the prison, we could have brought stuff into the prison and it would have been there

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