The Impact Of Telehealth On The Areas Of Patient Care Essay examples

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Telehealth is an innovative approach to health care that is rapidly expanding in all areas of patient care. It has been shown to be cost effective and is rapidly being integrated into everyday practices from clinics, hospitals, court systems, school systems and even the local drug store.
According to McGonigle and Mastrian (2009), in 1955, the Nebraska Psychiatric Institute began using closed circuit television to provide routine distance education and teleconsultation between itself and a remote state mental hospital. In 1965, cardiac surgeon Michael DeBakey performed open-heart surgery and transmitted the procedure live to a hospital in Genieva, allowing him to describe the process and to answer questions. McGonigle and Mastrian also indicate NASA began using telehealth in the 1960s and 70’s to monitor astronauts’ physical and mental health as well with much success.
Foreign use of telehealth.
The country of Norway discovered using telehealth was highly beneficial because many parts of the country are remote and access to care providers is limited. Physicians did not want to leave the larger cities; therefore, the use of telehealth for routine examinations and treatment became highly favored within the country (McGonigle and Mastrian, 2009).
United states use of telehealth.
In the United States, a renewed interest occurred in telehealth in the 1990s according to McGonigle and Mastrian because of escalating costs, the need for greater access for all…

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